Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Monday, April 12, 2010

Having some fun around the mall...

Tubby Time!!!!

I felt EXTREMELY guilty about this but it had to be done.

Pizza @ Bertuccis

Mmmm Pizza!

Olivia @ Bertuccis

Hmmmm, what to order???

Day at the mall

Yes, she is shopping at Coach...gotta lover, she's got great taste!

Riding the Escalator at the mall

Riding the Escalator. (She loves this!)

Olivia @ the Hotel

Olivia warming up by the fire place...Mmmm...

Olivia @ the Hotel

Here is Olivia sitting pool side, she wants to go in but she doesn't know how to swim...


Olivia the pig was Noni's (My mother's) pig for quite a while. My daughter Faith had wanted to take Olivia home for a very long time but her Noni was not so easy to let Olivia go. On August 8th 2009 our home burned to the ground and we were left with nothing. We were lucky enough to have been on vacation and thank goodness we were all safe. While we were staying in the hotel Noni decided that since Faith did not have any toys that she would send Ms. Olivia to keep her company. To make my mother feel better we took pictures of Olivia sitting pool side, shopping at the mall, relaxing by the fire, getting her morning workouts in and doing all sorts of activities with our family so that Noni knew that not only was Olivia okay but she was having the time fo her life. Olivia has done so much for our family and we wanted to share her story with all of you. Not only has Olivia done so much for us but now on May 1st she will be be completing her second walk in the Boston Walk for Hunger. (she just never stops)

I will be updating this blog as we go along and adding pictures to it so you can get to know Olivia. Please share her story with friends and family and see if all of you can help Olivia reach her $500 goal on the Walk for Hunger page...